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A Home Remodeling Contractors Guide to Sustainable Design and Renovation

When working with expert home remodeling contractors, they should place sustainability at the top of the priority list. Learn how you can incorporate sustainability into your home remodeling project.

Sustainability has become the buzz word in home design and renovations. Sustainable home renovation refers to the art of planning the proportions and structure of your home in a way that maximizes natural energy sources and minimizes carbon footprints. Expert home remodeling contractors will be able to guide you efficiently  through this process. As more people are gearing toward eco-friendly living to play their part in the conservation of the environment, sustainable innovations are also becoming more accessible. There are several sustainable options for home remodeling nowadays, and giving focus on these will also save you big on energy costs. So, before you start the work, learn how you can remodel your home in ways that will help you achieve energy-efficiency.

Do an Energy Audit

Before you upgrade your home with sustainable renovations, it’s essential to know how your current home is performing when it comes to saving energy. Check for window and door leaks, and use an electricity monitor to find which of your appliances are consuming too much energy. Being aware of what causes energy inefficiency inside your home should be the primary step in completing your sustainable home renovation.

De-construct, Don’t Demolish 

Before you tear down the walls of your home, look around and identify the things that you can re-use. It’s eco-friendly and will save you big chunks of money. There are lots of materials you can re-use, like light fixtures, flooring, tiles, bricks, and cabinets. Instead of throwing out the old chandelier in your dining area, consider using it in another room like your kitchen or even the bathroom.

Choose Sustainable Materials

When carrying out a home renovation, one crucial factor to consider is the type of materials that you will be using for your dwelling. It’s less about what is fashionable and more about choosing durable and eco-friendly materials. Sustainable materials for the home are those that are natural and non-toxic and can be easily recycled and repurposed like cork, steel, wood, and bamboo. Homes made from steel or recycled plastics are also more environmental-friendly than traditionally-built homes.

Much waste comes from demolishing structures and building new ones, so repurposing items can be a great way to create less waste.

Prioritize Local Materials

Using eco-friendly materials for your home is a great way to promote sustainability. Still, if the materials have to be shipped across the country, it’s hard to say that it’s genuinely a sustainable choice. Buying international materials require a lot of transportation that creates harmful carbon emissions. On the other hand, local materials require less energy to get to your door. Local professionals are also more knowledgeable of local factors that need to be considered in your home renovation project, like the climate in your area. Using climate-appropriate materials makes your home more energy-efficient. Further, choosing locally sourced materials allows you to support local businesses in your community.

Use Eco-friendly Paint

The use of eco-friendly paint has significantly grown over the years. These eco-friendly paints contain low or no volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which are harmful chemical ingredients that evaporate into the air where the paint is drying. Low-VOC paints perform equally well as conventional paints in terms of color, coverage, and durability, but without the harmful emissions in your home.

Insulate Your Home

The space between the inner and outer walls of your home where heat escapes are called wall cavities. Wall cavities are often overlooked when completing home renovations, but they can significantly improve your home’s energy efficiency. Choose a high-quality insulation material for your wall cavities, and hire a professional to do the job. Insulated wall cavities will keep your home warmer during winter, which will allow you to keep your thermostat at a lower setting, and will make your homes cooler during summer.

Take Advantage of Natural Light

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Carefully position your mirrors and other furniture with reflective surfaces where they can encourage light to bounce around the room. This will help reduce your use of artificial lighting during the daytime. If you have a windowless room that relies on artificial lighting, swap your lightbulbs for LED, CFLs, or eco-incandescent bulbs.

Go Solar

One of the trends in home design nowadays is using solar energy. Using this is your home can significantly reduce the energy that your household uses. Solar panels are known to keep the cost of your electricity bill down efficiently. They can power small items in your home and also help heat up your living space. If solar panels are too expensive for your home renovation budget, you can still strategically use the power of the sun to your advantage by allowing it to warm your house in winter and blocking it during hot summer months.

Whatever your purpose is for renovating your home, the most important thing is that it is centered on sustainability. The benefits that go with sustainable renovation include helping the environment, saving money, and improving the value of your home.

By keeping the tips above, you can complete your home renovation in a way that will satisfy not only you but also our environment.

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