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Looking for ways to upgrade your bathroom for the coming year with a gorgeous bathroom remodeling? Inspired by the latest trends, check out our list of the best bathroom trends that will be huge in 2020.

Keeping the bathroom trendy and vibrant can sometimes be challenging regardless of its size. A small bathroom may seem easier to design, but in reality, it still has the same elements that a larger bathroom has, so both still require the help of professionals from the industry.

Fortunately, there are ways to upgrade your bathroom’s look without the hassle. Here are the top bathroom remodeling design trends for 2020 that you can easily replicate in your home.

Standalone Bathtubs and Sinks

Freestanding bathtubs and sinks are classic designs that will never go out of style. They will match any bathroom décor and will go well with any material you use on your bathroom wall and floor. You can put a freestanding tub in a corner or even right in the middle of your bathroom space. For the sink, you can install it by the wall, depending on the area available.

Double Vanity

Having a shared bathroom doesn’t mean you have to share the same sink. A bathroom with double vanity is popular nowadays because it saves time, especially when prepping up. It’s also beneficial in providing enough space for the items of two people who are sharing the bathroom. The mirror is an essential element in a double vanity bathroom, so make it as elegant or as stylish as possible. When the focus of your bathroom is on your double vanity, it will be easier for you to add pieces that will serve as accents to your double vanity and mirror.

Accent Walls

Putting up an accent wall will highlight your vanity or tub or whatever you wish to put a focus on inside your bathroom. The accent wall is made from a different material or color to stand out from the other corners of your bathroom. You may use marble, natural stone, brick, or wood to create your desired contrast. For a modern twist, you can also use a full-length mirror as your accent wall.

paint color ideas for a bathrooms

Bold Colors

Using bold colors inside your bathroom doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to buy new a sink or tub.  You can repaint your walls, which will also be less costly.  Choose more striking colors, such as lime green or matte black. Experiment with colors to see what appeals to you and what will go well with your bathroom accessories.

Heated Floors

Stepping on the frigid cold floor can make going to the bathroom at night quite a challenge. Thankfully, heated bathroom floors are becoming increasingly popular. There are two types of floor heating that you can install in your bathroom: hydronic and electric. Hydronic heating requires installing a floor heating system for your entire home and uses rubber tubes to circulate the heat from your water heater. With electric heating, a thin electric blanket that can be controlled by your thermostat and timer is installed under your bathroom floor.

Modern Light Fixtures

Light it up! One easy way to revamp any bathroom or any room in the house is by installing light fixtures. Small lighting can make a significant impact on the mood and vibe of your bathroom. Popular choices include small chandeliers and hanging bulbs, but you can always experiment according to your style and taste.

Plants as Accents

For some people, the bathroom can feel drab, probably because what they usually see are stones and steel. The best remedy is to put real plants to add more life to the overall feel of your bathroom. A touch of green will make the bathroom feel more alive and refreshing. Consider placing a potted orchid in your countertop to make your space more alive. Orchids are also known to produce oxygen day and night, so putting it inside your bathroom will also benefit your health.

Open Bathroom

A favorite trend for bathroom design that we will still see more of this coming year is the open bathroom concept. This concept disregards the use of barriers and walls and allows your bathroom to be a vast, open space that provides a more liberating feeling. For this concept, we recommend that you provide separate areas for your open shower and your bathtub.

Enclosed Toilets

For those who love a bit more of privacy, the enclosed or hidden toilet trend is more fitting. An enclosed toilet is a toilet that is separated by a door or wall. Create more drama to this concept by changing the wallpaper by adding a lighting fixture to the enclosed space.

Biophilic Design

The most notable trend in 2020 is incorporating nature to the overall concept of the bathroom design to create a greener atmosphere inside the space. To achieve this concept, you can put up a wall with floral design, use wood for your tiles, and natural materials for your tub. Popular colors to use are green, white, and grey because of their soothing tones.

These bathroom trends for 2020 are relatively easy to incorporate in your home. But while these are the most popular in bathroom design, they are by no means the standard for bathroom design. That said, redesigning your bathroom to give it a better look will still depend on your style and the comfort you need.

If you need the help of a professional in giving your bathroom a well-deserved upgrade, Green Run USA is the perfect contractor to work with. We are an exceptional bathroom remodeling contractor located in Sonoma County in Northern California. We have a vast experience in creating more beautiful and functional bathroom spaces, and we use only the best materials that will enhance the look and feel of your bathroom.

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