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Why natural stone is best for your next kitchen or bathroom remodeling project? As a kitchen and bathroom remodeling company in Sonoma County, our clients want the beauty and durability of natural stone to create their dream bathroom or kitchen. Natural stone is offered in a wide array of styles, textures, and colors to beautify your new space. When selecting a material there are some important considerations that homeowners need to be aware of before they make their final decision.

Natural stone offers some unique benefits. First, it is highly resistant to common bacteria and can maintain a sanitary prep surface on a kitchen countertop. It can also be sealed for even greater cleanliness and protection. If you are looking for a countertop that will last for many decades to come, natural stone is hard to beat. Even after years of use it will retain its natural beauty and finish with very little maintenance. Of course when weighing in on whether to go with natural stone or choose another product available, one should also consider the drawbacks. Natural stone can be more expensive than other products on the market. Also, in a bathroom environment it can prove to be a little slippery when wet or cold on those bare feet when used a floor tile.  With that said, natural stone is a top contender to consider for any new bathroom or kitchen remodeling project.

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How Difficult is it to Maintain Natural Stone Tiles When Remodeling Bathrooms and Kitchens?

While stone tiles are a great choice for durability, they are extremely porous and can accumulate soap scum and dirt particles. Being consistent with cleaning of the natural stone tiles will maintain their appearance and prevent blemishing their their appearance from abrasive grunge. Certain cleaning solutions protect natural stone tiles and allow them to last longer. Don’t use abrasive cleaners on the natural stone. It is always best to start with a common household cleaner such as ammonia. The following are the steps to take in caring for your Natural stone.

First, fill a bucket with 1 gallon of water then a 1/2 cup of household ammonia to the water. Mix the solution thoroughly. Then Dampen a soft cloth in the ammonia solution. Wipe the cloth over any soap scum and mineral deposits. Make sure to rinse the tiles thoroughly with water. Next dampen a soft sponge with warm water. Apply a few drops of neutral stone soap cleaner to the sponge. Follow the manufacturer’s directions on the product label. Wipe the sponge over the tiles to remove loose dirt and debris. Gently scrub grout lines with a soft-bristled brush to remove accumulated grime. Finally, rinse the tiles thoroughly with water. Dry the tiles with a terry cloth towel. With proper maintenance you will have beautiful natural stone for many years to come.

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